The Slow Knife — Saint-Lazare Playset

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This is a playset for use with The Slow Knife. You'll need a copy of the base game to use it.

If you add all three playsets to your order along with a copy of the base game, you'll get one of the books for free (discount automatically applied).


The Count of Saint-Lazare draws heavily from the work of Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. These writers lived through the French Revolution and its aftermath: a volatile time of fiery politics and societal upheaval.

We’ll play roles in a costume drama, steeped in fancy outfits and gilded decadence. But it’s not all fine dining and curt whispers, no, there’s plenty of room for swashbuckling action too—be it a clash of swords at dawn, a fiery mob bursting into a luxuriant manor garden, or a daring chase across moonlit rooftops.

Use this playset to visit a Paris that exists only in nostalgia, where beauty and strife clash with theatrical brilliance.