The Slow Knife — Lament of Broken Glass Playset

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This is a playset for use with The Slow Knife. You'll need a copy of the base game to use it.

If you add all three playsets to your order along with a copy of the base game, you'll get one of the books for free (discount automatically applied).


The Lament of Broken Glass is a grand story of good and evil, blending the classic fantasy culture of Tolkien’s elves with the style and mystique of the Carnival of Venice. Our characters will be elegant and sharp, dressed in fine silks and ornate masks as they revel under the stars.

But they are flawed gems, not quite as serene as they seem, and as susceptible to scheming and squabbling as anyone else in this realm. After all, with such long lives to lead, it’s easy to hold a grudge for a century or two. Perfect for a tale of patient revenge, no?

Use this playset to create a stylish fantasy microcosm with ancient evils, fashionable intrigue and forbidden magic.