The Slow Knife — Arcadia Prime Playset

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This is a playset for use with The Slow Knife. You'll need a copy of the base game to use it.

If you add all three playsets to your order along with a copy of the base game, you'll get one of the books for free (discount automatically applied).


Arcadia Prime is all our fears for the near future made real. The ultrarich, having made their billions as the Earth burns around them, have fled to safety in an orbital paradise. It’s Elysium, Rapture, Teixcalaan, and all the other cities from stories of inequity across the stars.

We’ll play members of this satellite elite, living in luxury among the new high society as we wine, dine, and countersign—managing our fortunes and our rivals as we gaze at the cosmos with a cultivated disinterest.

Use this playset to twist your anxieties about the world into diabolical avatars, and to claim an ounce of solace as you tell the patient story of their inevitable comeuppance.