Artefact Zine

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The Game.

ARTEFACT is a story game for one player, designed for contemplative solo play.

In the classic dungeon crawl, you follow the lives of adventurers as they overcome challenges to gain prestige and, most importantly, magical treasures. But what were those treasures doing before the adventurers came along? How many aeons have passed, in silent darkness, since they were last used?

ARTEFACT shifts the focus to the perspective of a single magical item, and its history as it passes through the hands of many different keepers. You’ll feel the weight of time as the item is lost or abandoned again and again, the dust & decay piling around it until it’s found again by someone new.

It's a great way to spend an hour; sketching, world-building and storytelling in your own company. It's also a fantastic way to generate really unique items for tabletop games like D&D, with detailed histories far more vivid than any you'd typically find in a compendium.


The Book.

Beautiful risograph inks, exceedingly premium paper, awesome illustrations and some pretty good words from me.

This is a 'beak zine', which is a single sheet of A3 paper folded into an 8-page booklet. The trick is, you can unfold the zine to reveal a full-size A3 reference sheet with all the tables, rules and prompts you'll need during play — no flicking around required!

The book is riso-printed with Hunter Green and Metallic Gold inks, which look fantastic on the creamy G.F. Smith Extract Moon paper. The zine is die-cut and crisply folded into its booklet form, ready for your perusal.

You'll also get access to all the digital files for the game, including a soundtrack, an audiobook version of the rules, accessible versions of all files and bonus content to enhance your play experience.